How Is Artificial Intelligence Good for Society?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to solve problems and make decisions without human intervention. Sure, “true” AI doesn’t yet exist – but its capabilities continue to grow every year. And while it’s possible to misuse and abuse AI’s potential, it’s also undeniable that it’s already helped improve society.

Pattern recognition

Patterns are everywhere – and AI is great at finding them. Machines can detect trends in market performance, weather events, agricultural output and consumer consumption. From there, countries, businesses and individuals can use data to make decisions on everything from deploying renewable energy to mass-producing consumer goods.

Improved standards of living

Already, AI has enhanced many modern conveniences-turned-necessities.

What would you do without your phone’s digital assistant to help you find news and answer questions?

Or modern GPS tools that don’t just direct you, but steer you around traffic?

Or the ability of your doorbell, of all things, to improve your safety and peace of mind by monitoring your front door live?

True, these innovations are used on an individual scale. But together, they’ve helped elevate society as a whole by improving the lives of millions of people at once.

Better medical outcomes

AI has barely scratched the surface of medical innovation – and yet, it can already:

  • Monitor and detect patterns in vital signs and health data
  • Alert caregivers to changes in patients’ health status
  • Speed up paperwork to give doctors more time to personalize patient care
  • Help develop individualized treatment plans
  • Assist surgeons in more accurate, less invasive procedures
  • Accelerate development of medical treatments and technologies

 AI algorithms have even assisted in the discovery of new drugs and diagnostic procedures. (Talk about moving forward decades in a matter of months.)

More efficient business operations

AI’s potential in the corporate world is unprecedented. Machine learning can complete tasks like:

  • Enhancing cybersecurity protocols
  • Conducting vital business research
  • Improving customer relations with smart chatbots

Many businesses also use AI to sift through mountains of data to identify areas in need of improvement. AI can even declutter your inbox by filtering out spam and flagging emails with harmful or harassing language.


AI’s ability to recognize patterns makes it invaluable in modern banking – particularly fraud detection. Automated systems constantly monitor transactions for suspicious activities to catch (or even prevent) fraudulent transactions.


AI has also become useful to investors and investment managers who are tired of wading through tons of data daily.

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