The world of finance is full of potential exclusions. We’ve defined a few common examples below: * **Financial exclusions** encompass those who can’t access common financial services like banking and credit. Financial exclusion often occurs due to lower socioeconomic status resulting in an inability to meet a bank’s requirements.  * **Dividend exclusions** refer to an IRS provision that allows domestic corporations to exclude part of their dividends from their taxable income. Dividend exclusions intend to limit double taxation at the corporate level.  * **The home sales exclusion** applies to taxpayers who sell their primary residence at a profit and incur capital gains. This exclusion allows taxpayers to exclude up to $250,000 or $500,000 (based on marital status) from their taxable income.  * **Balance sheet exclusions** include a host of exclusions that companies use when calculating their balance sheets or negotiating M&A deals. For example, firms may exclude certain current assets or liabilities (debts and deferred tax) when calculating their net working capital.

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