Why Investing in Themes with Q.ai Is Safer Than Investing in Trends on Your Own

Whenever you watch the news, scroll social media or read the headlines that crop up on your browser every morning, it could be tempting to invest accordingly.

Tech is tanking? You might feel inclined to sell off those tech stocks in your portfolio. Consumer stocks seem undervalued? Perhaps you’re getting the impetus to buy more of them. Crypto could be crashing? You may feel anxious to sell your stash.

The media is, in a word, persuasive. The news cycle tends to influence both consumer and investor behavior, which already have a nuanced relationship. But the reality is that, by the time news becomes, well, news, the markets have already moved. The ships have sailed, and you’ve missed those boats.

The simple fact that most investors are behind the curve is one of the many reasons why we always advise against stock picking—especially based on emotional responses to whatever triggering event is happening in the world (and there’s always something triggering happening). After all, it’s likely that large-scale investors have already made moves, manipulating market prices. And these things can happen fast… too fast for everyday people who aren’t staring at their screens, around the clock, waiting to make a move themselves.

Therefore, investing in trends may sound like a good idea—especially when everyone else seems to be doing it—but the real value is in the securities and sectors that have yet to become trendy. The most successful investors are those who were, at one point or another, ahead of the curve.

With Q.ai,  you can become a proactive investor instead of a reactive one. Q.ai uses the power of AI to manage your funds for you so you don’t need to rely on the same information that everyone else is also absorbing—or sift through it all yourself. And you can still get in on those hot-topic investments with far less risk involved.

When you buy one of Q.ai’s AI-backed strategies, which we call Investment Kits, you own shares of stocks and ETFs that are packaged up in themes, such as crypto (with the Crypto Kit), clean energy (with the Clean Tech Kit), emerging technologies (with the Emerging Tech Kit), cannabis (with the Guilty Pleasures Kit) and so much more.

With Q.ai, you have the choice of four different types of Kits: Foundation Kits, Limited Edition Kits, Specialty Kits and Community Kits. While our Foundation Kits are rooted in more traditional strategies like value investing, for example, our Specialty Kits focus on more specific themes and our Limited Edition Kits focus on very specific and of-the-moment trends. Meanwhile, our Community Kits leverage our unique partnership with Forbes.

All of our Kits are diversified, and our AI works to rebalance the securities in them each week, so you get risk-adjusted exposure into long- and short-term trends without worrying about keeping tabs on the news or sweating the inevitable market swings. Our AI models learn by reading masses of texts on the markets and assessing the sentiment surrounding it all, which would be difficult for any human.

Essentially, Q.ai can help you capture the upside of trends instead of blindly jumping on bandwagons with little time or know-how to dig into the details yourself.

Never mind that we have Forbes in our corner. Together with Forbes, we’re bringing you a bespoke and personalized investing experience that you won’t find anywhere else. We call this content-activated investing, as we are bringing a more interactive approach to investing content—a more holistic, 21st century experience to the investment decision process.

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