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The Q.ai Team
July 29, 2022

About Q.ai's Value Vault Kit

About Q.ai's Value Vault Kit

Not sure where to start investing? Value investing refers to investing assets that offer you value—so you get the most bang for your buck. In short, you aim for stocks that trade at prices that are lower than what you believe they should be. So when the market recognizes their value, their prices will tick up—and you’ll gain.

Of course, however, value investing on your own requires knowledge of individual stocks and a deep understanding of the markets. But Q.ai can help you with all of that—empowering you to invest smarter with AI.

About Value Vault

Value Vault applies artificial intelligence to modern value investing. Not only are stocks’ valuations considered, but quality and predictability are emphasized, as well.

Value Vault focuses on U.S. companies with high rankings in the following characteristics:

  • Low relative valuations to both earnings and cash flow
  • High returns on invested capital
  • Mature, predictable business models

Our AI evaluates securities for relatively inexpensive valuations and strong and stable financials. But this Kit doesn’t purely look for high upside; it also diversifies across this group while aiming to reduce variance and boost risk-adjusted returns.

Like all of our AI-backed Kits, this one rebalances weekly to find you the best opportunities and react to changes in market conditions and prices. And, because this is a Foundation Kit, you can also activate our portfolio protection feature, Portfolio Protection, to help preserve your gains even more.

Invest in companies like Abbvie and O’Reilly

The Value Vault is not just about finding the companies with high statistical measures of quality and value. It also considers other factors, like sentiment, technical features, etc. to provide a more complete assessment of potential investments. 

Our factor analysis and AI-powered investment selection changes each week in response to shifting market conditions and valuations. So in early May 2022, you might find companies like Anthem and S&P Global in this Kit.

Stock up in quality companies

We created the Value Vault Kit to give users a chance to invest like the world-renowned Warren Buffet, without having to put in the same level of work.

Warren Buffet was able to buy many of his best investments for discounts to their value at the time and certainly to where they could be in the future. Buffett’s success, in part from his partnership with Charlie Munger, was from maintaining discipline on valuation but also in emphasizing strong underlying business models.

And you can do the same with Q.ai. 

Bottom line

Remember that Value Vault is a medium-risk Kit. While there is diversification within Value Vault, the Kit helps to add this investing theme to a larger portfolio that includes other asset classes and alternative approaches.

As always, mixing up your portfolio with different investment styles and risk levels can help you make the most of Q.ai. 

Add the Value Vault Kit to your investment portfolio.

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