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The Q.ai Team
December 1, 2022

3 Features Q.ai Has That Other Wealth-Management Apps Don’t

3 Features Q.ai Has That Other Wealth-Management Apps Don’t

Sure, there is a wealth of wealth-management apps out there to explore, from budgeting apps to investment solutions. But none of them have the AI power or sophisticated simplicity that Q.ai offers. By that we mean: Q.ai takes otherwise complex investment strategies and makes them easy for everyone.

While most investing apps offer you high-, medium- and low-risk strategies from which to choose, Q.ai bundles up the smartest investments into our very own, award-winning Investment Kits—and then you can choose whether to put those Kits into your DIY or AI Portfolio (or both). Plus, we can pair your many of your portfolio’s Kits with proprietary Portfolio Protection, if you choose to use it.

Allow us to explain.

1. Investment Kits

Investment Kits are unique to Q.ai. We offers four different kinds of Kits:

  1. Foundation Kits - These are rooted in broad categories to cater to different types of investors—including everyone from risk-averse to aggressive investors.
  2. Limited Edition Kits - These allow investors to capitalize on short-term trends for a limited time. 
  3. Specialty Kits - These allow investors to diversify with niche themes, from precious metals to clean tech.
  4. Community Kits - Community Kits are created from crowdsourced feedback from the communities and channels, like Forbes, that only we have. Our AI digs through our platforms to find what’s important to our users.  

Q.ai is the only investment platform out there that offers you access to these coveted basket trade experiences. It’s also the only platform that has Forbes in its corner to gain coveted intel on major market movers before they hit the news cycle.

2. DIY and AI Portfolios with weekly rebalancing

With Q.ai, you have the choice between two different portfolio types: the DIY and the AI Portfolios. The first option is more-hands on, and the second option is more hands-off. 

In the DIY Portfolio, you choose the initial allocations among Kits and you adjust the allocation among those Kits as you see fit. It is important to note that it is the AI that is managing the individual Kits while you manage the allocation among those Kits. This option gives you more authority over your investment decisions—but it also requires you to be a bit more active of an investor.

For example, you may choose to have 30% of your funds invested in the Value Vault, 20% in Smarter Beta, 20% in Inflation Protection, 10% in Bitcoin Breakout, 10% in Tech Rally and 10% in Guilty Pleasures. Each week our AI-powered models refresh the holdings in each Kit, but DIY Portfolio will never adjust the percentage breakdown of the Kits that make up your DIY Portfolio.

Meanwhile, the AI Portfolio uses another layer of AI to allocate your funds for you. In the AI portfolio, you choose the initial allocations among kits and the AI adjusts the allocation among those kits regularly. It is important to note that it is the AI that is managing the individual Kits as well as the allocation among those Kits. This is a much-more passive investing option.

3. Portfolio Protection

Portfolio Protection, Q.ai’s AI-managed hedging feature, is also available for all users. Portfolio Protection considers major factors institutional investors take into account, such as market risk, interest rate risk, oil price risk and volatility risk, and  evaluates the historical sensitivity of your holdings to these factors.

With predictions from multiple neural networks, our AI is able to forecast changes in the aforementioned factors and work to offset any anticipated negative impacts. Not many robo-advisors (or investment advisors) offer this, which is called hedging. Not even all hedge funds necessarily hedge risk. 

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