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August 20, 2021

Limited Edition Investment: Summer of Fun Kit

This summer, brewed up a heady mix of Limited Edition Investing Kits for our favorite investors. (Hint: that’s you!) First we sent our kids back to school, and then we welcomed consumers back to the economy. Now, we’re taking things a step further with our Summer of Fun kit, packed with travel stocks, hospitality securities, leisure investments, and more – all backed by our artificial intelligence algorithms.

What are’s Limited-Edition Investing Kits?’s limited-edition investments are the next big thing in thematic investing. These kits provide investors with a chance to profit from short-term market trends – without doing hours of caffeine-fueled research.

Each of our four August releases comes with its own timeline, focus, and level of risk, so you can play the market from the safety of your preferred AI-backed strategy. And best of all, every strategy, from our travel stocks-based Summer of Fun to our retail stocks-based The Consumer is Back, is completely free to invest in!

Investing in Travel Stocks with Summer of Fun

As the economy reopens and travel begins in earnest, it’s high time everyone and their grandma to hit the road. From destination vacations and cruises to specialty resorts and guzzling lots of gas, the sky’s the limit once again.

And now, for Summer of Fun investors, that applies to your kit, too!

This targeted investment theme aims to invest in a selection of high-performing, U.S.-based leisure, hospitality, gas station, and travel stocks. It carries a medium risk level, so you don’t have to worry about losing your shirt even when you bet on the beach.

But like our other limited-edition investments, Summer of Fun has some limitations.

To start, we’re only opening investing to a handful of people to ensure we generate the best returns. Additionally, this trade will expire when our AI determines that peak earning potential has passed. (Don’t worry, your funds will be safe! Once your positions close, our AI will disburse your earnings into your other strategies at an allocation of your choice.)

What’s Under the Hood?

To ensure we don’t over-leverage our position, our AI rebalances our Summer of Fun strategy weekly. This helps us nab the next big thing – and dump the underperformers while we’re at it. travel stock

As such, we can’t guarantee that any one stock or ETF will crop up. But we can give you an idea of what to look for.

Leisure Stocks

Entertainment venues, full-service resorts, and specialty destinations all fall under the umbrella of “leisure” stocks. Whether you want to hit the links, get a massage, or spend a night in the casino, these companies offer the ideal combination of excitement and relaxation.

For instance, take Caesars Entertainment, Inc. This American hotel and casino company headquartered in Reno, Nevada operates more than 50 properties in the United States. And though its share price has recently slipped, that just creates an opportunity for greater gains!

Source: Forbes AI Investor

Hospitality Stocks

Leisure and hospitality stocks share a few similarities; notably, that hotels and resorts can qualify as either. While rest and relaxation are the name of the game, many of the biggest institutions in the industry also provide adventure.

Hilton Hotels Corporation is one example of such a company. This multinational operates a broad portfolio of hotels and resorts – in fact, it manages 34 brands on six continents, or a total of 6,500 properties worldwide! And with the pandemic letting up and travel on the rise, is there any place you’d rather (your money) be?

Source: Forbes AI Investor

Gas Station Stocks

There are several ways to invest in gas station stocks, ranging from companies that plunder the oil fields to downstream refineries to the convenience stores attached to the pumps. Whatever your choice, gas station stocks – typically considered an extension of the oil industry – often prove highly profitable during travel season.

Marathon Petroleum Corporation is an example of a gas station stock that participates in the refining, marketing, and transportation processes. In fact, Marathon is America’s largest refiner, with several brands under operations – primarily Marathon and ARCO.

Source: Forbes AI Investor

Travel Stocks

Travel stocks – including cruise lines, hotels, and airliners – were among the hardest-hit in the pandemic. And while many of these companies have plenty of ground yet to make up, that leaves investors with an opportunity to grab inordinately large gains as travel reignites around the globe.

One such company that may prove profitable is Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, which still trades around 50% below its pre-Covid high in January 2020. Although that’s a lot of price to recover, that’s good news for you – if you hop aboard at the right time.

Source: Forbes AI Investor

Get Ready for Your Summer of Fun Today!

Well, what are you waiting for?

If you want to kickstart your Summer of Fun, there’s no time like the present.

Whether you hop aboard a plane, rent a hotel room, or book a cruise, it makes no difference to us – so long as you take your chance to profit from the same activities you enjoy.

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