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November 3, 2021

New Select Investment: Short Squeeze Kit is excited to announce the launch of an all-new Select Investment Kit: the Short Squeeze. Get access to coveted short squeeze opportunities you won’t find elsewhere.

What are’s Select Investing Kits?’s Select Investment Kits (like the recently released Guilty Pleasures Kit, Precious Metals Kit and Clean Tech Kit) provide you with the opportunity to add specialized, alternative investment strategies to your portfolio without adding extra research and work for yourself.

Each Investment Kit has its own focus and risk level, so you can express your own investment preferences with an AI-backed strategy. And, best of all, every Kit is totally free to invest in!

Stay atop short squeeze opportunities. makes short squeezes seem simple. Invest like traditional hedge funds with coveted short squeeze opportunities in’s latest Select Investment Kit, the Short Squeeze.

This Kit offers you exposure into a diversified, Investment Kit of companies with high short interest—the ratio of shares sold short to daily average shares traded.’s machine learning uses a learn-to-rank model to look for patterns and predictions of future money-making opportunities before they happen. Specifically, it searches for scenarios in which there are potential “break-out” opportunities for heavily-shorted stocks to appreciate.

It does this by gathering historical and technical financial intel on 2,000 US equities with high short interest, as well as relevant sentiment information. Then, the Kit refreshes each week to bring you the companies with the most upside potential.

The Short Squeeze Kit offers customers the potential for high returns that are unrelated to general market trends, as well as some major diversification benefits. The Kit is seeking special situations for returns that are relatively uncorrelated with the broader market.

What’s so different about this Kit?

Short selling, or “shorting,” an asset is betting against its future appreciation (and dividends), by contracting to sell an asset at today’s price with an obligation to purchase that asset in the future—when the short seller expects the market price to be lower. When the underlying asset decreases in price, a short seller profits.

The short squeeze process is simple. Shorts can become “crowded” when more investors short shares, which limits the shares available to cover a position. A rush to cover positions (short sellers buying shares, forced or otherwise) creates additional demand for shares from an already reduced supply. This further drives up the price.

Using proprietary machine learning, the Short Squeeze Kit studies patterns of prior companies with high short interest. This is the ratio of shares sold short to daily average volume. It does so to seek the best potential candidates to surge on increased demand from short sellers covering their positions.

So why wait? Get invested.

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