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The Q.ai Team
May 25, 2022

New Select Investment: Short Squeeze Kit

New Select Investment: Short Squeeze Kit

Q.ai makes short squeezes seem simple. Invest smarter than traditional hedge funds with coveted short squeeze opportunities in Q.ai’s Specialty Investment Kit: Short Squeeze.

Find break-out opportunities with Short Squeeze

Short selling, or “shorting,” an asset is betting against its future appreciation (and dividends), by contracting to sell an asset at today’s price with an obligation to purchase that asset in the future—when the short seller expects the market price to be lower. When the underlying asset decreases in price, a short seller profits.

The short squeeze process is simple. Shorts can become “crowded” when more investors short shares, which limits the shares available to cover a position. A rush to cover positions (short sellers buying shares, forced or otherwise) creates additional demand for shares from an already reduced supply. This further drives up the price.

Using proprietary machine learning, the Short Squeeze Kit studies patterns of prior companies with high short interest (the ratio of shares sold short to daily average volume).  With a trained, AI-powered model, Q.ai pulls together historical technical and financial information, in addition to relevant sentiment information from platforms like YouTube  and Reddit, to seek the best potential candidates to surge on increased demand from short sellers covering their positions.

In other words, Q.ai searches for scenarios that are potential “break-out” opportunities for heavily-shorted stocks.

Invest in companies like Avis and DISH Network

The Short Squeeze Kit gathers historical and technical financial intel on thousands of U.S. equities, including relevant sentiment information. Then, the Kit refreshes each week to bring you the companies with the most upside potential.

Within this Kit, you might find companies like Wayfair or GoDaddy any given week.

Gain exposure into companies with high short interest

We designed the Short Squeeze Kit with the idea that the returns associated with Kit could be both strong and relatively uncorrelated with the broader market. This is because an individual short squeeze event is often specific to the company.

Therefore, with this Kit, we wanted to give users the potential for high returns with added diversification benefits.

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