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The Q.ai Team
June 21, 2022

About the Precious Metals Kit

About the Precious Metals Kit

Don’t just wear precious metals, invest in them. But don’t just invest in them, invest in them with the Precious Metals Kit.

Since 1977, the consumer price index (CPI) has increased over 300 percent, but all four underlying metals in the Precious Metals Kit—gold, silver, platinum and palladium—have appreciated in excess of it. 

That’s why this Kit is an ideal investment opportunity. It helps to protect your portfolio gains against spikes in inflation with carefully curated diversification.

Here’s how it works.

Diversify with precious metals with the Precious Metals Kit

If you’re worried about market volatility, rest assured that precious metals have traditionally been considered a safe haven in turbulent times. Shifting assets to precious metals allows investors to diversify equity market risk without risking the impact of inflation on holding cash.

Precious Metals also offers diversification benefits against your investments in stocks and bonds. That’s because, historically, the returns from precious metals have often been uncorrelated to stocks and bonds. It’s also because, over the past 40 years, precious metals (and many other commodities) have been a better store of value than cash; they tend to grow at or above inflation.

Of course, investing in just any precious metal is like stock picking, which we don’t recommend. It could go up or down, and you’re stuck watching and waiting with crossed fingers. That’s why it’s important to invest in precious metals with smartly allocated funds—which this Kit handles for you.

Invest in gold, silver, platinum and palladium

Precious Metals offers diversified exposure into gold, silver, platinum and palladium. And our machine learning consistently rebalances a mix of four ETFs that hold them every week:

  • SPDR Gold Shares (GLD)
  • iShares Silver Trust (SLV)
  • Aberdeen Standard Physical Platinum (PPLT)
  • Aberdeen Standard Physical Palladium (PALL)

As for rebalancing, our AI-based models are trained on various pieces of historical data to predict the weekly returns of your holdings. Our algorithms rank the associated securities and allocate your funds accordingly. And, like all Kits, we also rebalance your whole portfolio to adjust for a balance of expected returns and risk management across Kits.

Reap the diversification benefits

While some investors solely invest in gold or silver, we believe that a diversified portfolio is superior, especially when combined with other assets and portfolios (equities and other equity-based kits).

Just note that, while this Kit is strategically designed to protect your portfolio gains, it’s still a high-risk option. While the potential for rewards is great, the risk is up there with it. So be sure to not just diversify amongst those precious metals, but to also diversify amongst your investment Kits.

Bottom line

Finally, you have an opportunity to tap into a goldmine (pun intended). 

You can now invest in precious metals in an optimized way, rather than just picking one or the other—or shopping for flashy tangibles to wear around your neck. Precious Metals works for your financials, not against ’em.

Add the Precious Metals Kit to your investment portfolio in Q.ai.

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