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The Q.ai Team
August 17, 2022

How to Understand Your Performance Dashboard

How to Understand Your Performance Dashboard

We know that investing can be confusing—there’s a lot of numbers and jargon involved. That’s why we’ve simplified the Q.ai dashboard experience for you to make growing your wealth as easy as possible. 

When you log into your Q.ai account, you will be taken to your account dashboard. Your account performance details will read like this:

  • Total account value with your your gains or losses
  • Time-weighted return as of yesterday’s close
  • Personal rate of return
  • Net deposits

You’ll also notice that Portfolio Protection is toggled on or off in the top right corner. And, below your account performance, you’ll find a list of your portfolios (your cash portfolio, AI portfolio and DIY portfolio) with how much you have invested in each one. 

Let’s dive into what your account performance details mean.

Account value

Your account value is a dollar amount that refers to the total amount of funds you have in your Q.ai account, across all of your Kits and portfolios. This includes both your net deposits and your profits. It also reflects any losses.

For example, if you deposited a total of $1,000 over time, and your account value is $1,300, this means that your account has gained $300 in returns over time. If the account value is $900, that means that you’ve lost $100. One way to protect your gains and minimize your losses is by switching on Portfolio Protection, which you’ll find in the top right corner of your dashboard.

Time-weighted return

Your time-weighted return is reflected as a percentage, as of yesterday’s date, for the time period chosen. 

It refers to your compounded return—or, in other words, how much your investment is growing over time. It excludes the impact of any deposits or withdrawals you ever make so that it can better determine how well Q.ai is helping you grow your wealth. 

Personal rate of return

Personal rate of return is an annualized measure of how much your investment is growing over time including any deposits and withdrawals you’ve made. 

Net deposits

You’ll find your net deposits, a dollar amount, in the bottom of the box showcasing your account performance. 

This number is how much money you have deposited into your Q.ai account in total. It includes all of your deposits, minus the total number of withdrawals you’ve made. 

You can use this number to determine how well your portfolio is doing when you look at your total account value at the top. For example, if your net deposits are $500, and your account value has climbed to $650, you’ve earned $150 from your investments. If your account value is $490, you’ve lost $10 from your investments. 

Remember that, on average, investing in stocks sees about 10% annual returns historically. But you need to leave your money in your account to give it a real chance to perform and grow over time. Q.ai makes it easier to stop sweating the swings.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, you’ll find a small chat box in the bottom right corner of your dashboard. 

Tap the icon to get in touch with Support or use the widget to search for a Help Center article.

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