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August 5, 2021

Introducing: Limited Edition Investments

Here at, we’re fans of thematic investing. Not just sticking your money in any ole kit and calling it a day; but building targeted-yet-diversified kits that generate substantial growth at acceptable levels of risk.

And sure, our standard kits offer options suited to a variety of risk tolerances for long-term investors. But sometimes, you need to get in on short-term trends too (preferably without breaking the bank).

That’s why we’ve rolled out our all-new Limited Edition Investing Kits this month. With these kits, a small number of investors can capitalize on short-term investments that follow temporary market trends – all identified, selected, and backed by our artificial intelligence algorithms.

What are short-term investments?

Typically, when you talk about short-term investments, you’re referring to securities that you can convert to quick cash. (Usually in five years or less, though many investors sell or convert in less than a year.) Some common examples include certificates of deposit (CDs), money market accounts, and high-yield savings accounts, though many investors count stocks in that category.

Short-term investments tend to be high-quality, liquid investments that offer lower returns in exchange for increased flexibility. Though investors can have different goals for their short-term investments, the underlying principle is to protect their capital while generating some gains.

Additionally, short-term investments provide a relatively safe haven for investors to store funds until they’re needed. At the same time, you can enjoy increased diversification – and, depending on the investment, alternative revenue streams – while your money grows.

Introducing’s Limited Edition Trades

Usually, short-term investments are comprised of CDs, money market accounts, and even Treasury bills. But here, like in everything else we do, is not content to let the status quo fall where it may. That’s why we’re taking the definition of “short-term investments” one step further and stamping our own brand on the market with our Limited Edition Investing Kits.

These unique, AI-backed trade kits are stuffed with carefully curated stocks that fit our seasonal themes. As such, each kit will only remain available for a short period of time to capitalize on market movements and provide the greatest gains at the least risk. When time’s up, your funds – and any returns generated – will reallocate into your other kits according to your preset wishes.

Additionally, each limited edition kit is free for our users to invest in. But, to ensure the highest possible returns, we’re capping the number of investors from the get-go. (Don’t worry if you don’t get in on the first round – we’re debuting a grand total of four Investing Kits in August!)

How will Limited Edition trades work?

To put together the best short-term investment experience for our users, our team of experienced investors designed sophisticated algorithms specifically to identify attractive, short-term trades. Our AI also highlight the industries and risk level involved, so you don’t have to worry about getting in over your head.

These Limited Edition Investing Kits work just like our other investing strategies. You can set your own investment percentages across the strategies and kits you choose or permit our AI to decide the allocation for you.

For instance, if you invest in two strategies and one Limited Edition kit, you could set your allocations thusly:

  • Strategy 1: 40%
  • Strategy 2: 40%
  • Limited Edition Kit: 20%

Once you’ve set your limits, our AI will continue to adjust your accounts weekly based on your presents. And when our team (and AI algorithms) determine an Investing Kit has run its course, we’ll close the position and automatically reinvest the proceeds into your Invest kits.

But keep in mind that because the market is continually changing – thereby limiting the window of opportunity to buy, capitalize on, and sell securities – we’re only offering each Limited Edition Investing Kit for a short time to a small number of users.

So, what’s inside’s Investing Kits?

Shhh…it’s a secret.

No, really, we’re not telling yet.

But we can tell you that each Limited Edition Investing Kit will focus on trade ideas that are relevant in the moment.

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