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August 9, 2021

New Limited Edition Investment: Back to School Kit

The back-to-school sale shopping season isn’t just about scoring great deals on backpacks, pencils, and laptops. It’s also a time for investors to harness the power of short-term investments and smart trade selections. Fortunately,’s artificial intelligence algorithms are here to eliminate the guesswork and stress with our Back to School Limited Edition Investing Kit.

The kids are finally going back to school. That means no more Zoom classes in the middle of the living room, yay! That also means it’s time to buy new clothes, sneakers, and school supplies.

Less yay.

Unfortunately, can’t help you with your back-to-school sale shopping. (We hate crowded Walmart aisles as much as the next person, mask or no mask.) But we can offer investors a chance to capitalize on all that dough flowing through retailers’ registers in what could be the most epic back-to-school season ever.

It’s time to play short-term investment trends like a pro – from the comfort of your Zoom-free living room.

What are Short-Term Investments?

We covered short-term investments last week in our Limited Edition Investing Kit sneak peek. But if you missed it or need a refresher, we’ve got you covered.

Short-term investments are securities that you can turn into quick cash on your schedule. Examples include certificates of deposit (CDs), money market accounts, and Treasury bills. In other words, positions that you typically sell or convert in less than five years.

As a rule, short-term investments share a few characteristics. They’re usually high-quality, highly liquid investments that boast increased flexibility at the expense of lower returns. Moreover, they often protect your capital better than stock and alternative investment markets.

As such, short-term investments provide a safe haven to store funds while generating growth and diversifying your portfolio.

What is a Limited Edition Trade?

It’s true that short-term investments tend to look like some form of high-yield savings account, such as CDs or money market accounts. But we here at are never satisfied to let the status quo fall where it may. That’s why we’ve taken short-term investing a step further with our free-to-use Limited Edition Investing Kits.

The premise is simple: our AI carefully curates portfolios stuffed with stocks that fit seasonal themes, each of which is only available for a short time. This provides our investors with a chance to capitalize on market movements and generate greater gains, all while mitigating risk with our AI. Once the season expires, any funds – and returns – will reallocate into your other portfolios based on your presets.

If this sounds too good to be true, you’re in luck: it’s not! …but there is a catch.

To ensure the best returns, has capped the number of investors who can partake in each Limited Edition Investing Kit. Fortunately, we’re offering four kits throughout August – so if you miss Back to School trading, you can try again soon!

How Do Limited Edition Investing Kits Work?

Our Limited Edition Investing Kits work just like our other investing strategies.

To start, our team of experienced investors designs sophisticated algorithms to identify short-term investments and attractive seasonal opportunities. Then, using our AI, they highlight the industries and risks involved in each portfolio for our users.

Investing in our kits is simple, too – not to mention completely free!

From your dashboard, you can set your investment percentages across all of our strategies and kits or tap our AI to allocate funds for you. As a simple example, you could invest:

  • 30% of your funds in Global Trends
  • 40% of your funds in Power Factor
  • And 30% of your funds in our Back-to-School Kit

After you’ve set your limits and authorized trading, our AI will adjust your accounts every week to keep your portfolio within your set parameters as long as the season holds. Once our investment team – backed by our AI, of course – determines that an Investing Kit has run its course, we’ll close the position and reinvest the proceeds into your remaining portfolios.

Welcome Back to School

Back to School is the first of four seasonal investment trends we’re releasing this month. This medium-risk, short-term investment is completely free to invest in – though, unfortunately, we’re only able to offer a handful of slots to generate the best returns.

The portfolio itself is exactly what it sounds like: an amalgam of stocks that stand to gain the most from back-to-school shopping sprees. But we’re not limiting ourselves to pens and pencils – far from it. Instead, we’ve snatched up retailers from all corners of the market, including:

  • Apple
  • Foot Locker
  • Walmart
  • Dillards
  • & so many more

And the best part is, getting started is as simple as tapping your smartphone screen.

Just log into your app, navigate to your strategy selections, and click “Learn More” under the “Back to School” option. If the risk level seems suitable for your needs, all you have to do is click “Invest Now” and set your preferred allocation.

Our AI will handle the rest.

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