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August 16, 2022

Why Investment Kits Have Different Investment Minimums

Why Investment Kits Have Different Investment Minimums

Q.ai boasts a whole host of benefits, from AI-powered asset allocation to built-in diversification to proprietary Portfolio Protection. What’s more: You only need a minimum of $100 to fund your account and get started building wealth. With those funds, you select from Q.ai’s selection of sophisticated Kits in which to invest. 

With Q.ai, you’re spoiled for choice of Kits, from Foundation and Community Kits to Specialty and Limited Edition Kits. You may notice when you select a Kit, however, that there’s an investment minimum that’s different from the $100 required to fund your account to get started.

What are investment minimums?

Generally, an investment minimum is the lowest dollar amount or share quantity that an investor (you) can purchase when investing in a specific security. For Q.ai, the investment minimums attached to Kits refer to the minimum amount of funds you’ll be required to allocate to that Kit in order for Q.ai to add it to your portfolio.

You can always choose to invest more than the minimum requirement.. You can also move funds around between Kits but, in order to keep a Kit in your portfolio, you need to maintain the minimum.

If you don’t have enough funds in your account to invest in a new Kit, you’ll need to deposit more money from a bank account or reallocate funds from another Investment Kit. However, note that transaction times aren’t necessarily immediate and deposits become available within one business day. On the other hand, withdrawals can take three to five business days to complete. Don’t worry, we’ll send you email updates along the way.

Where do I find investment minimums for Kits?

You will also notice the minimum investment amount in the bottom left corner of each Kit’s thumbnail in the “Explore” tab on your dashboard. When you click on the Kit, you can also find the minimum just below the Kit description and just above the risk level.

While many of the Kits in Q.ai have the same investment minimum, it can vary.

For example, Emerging Tech and Global Trends both require a minimum investment of $100, but Smarter Beta only requires $40 while Short Squeeze requires just $80. The highest minimum investment is $100, so you should not expect to see minimums higher than that.

Why does Q.ai require minimum investments?

Q.ai requires investment minimums because we need to ensure that the Kit has enough funds to successfully execute trades. And because there’s more than one security in each Kit, the minimum investment amount can vary depending on the Kit you’re invested in. This ultimately dictates what we can and cannot do with securities and your Kits at large.

Therefore, the smallest possible position in a given Kit decides the minimum investment amount for that whole Kit. Of course, we’ve built in buffer space to ensure that trades are executed seamlessly.

Being able to invest you in different positions is key to diversification. And, diversifying your portfolio is key to your overall wealth creation. 

Learn about the different types of Kits we offer. Here’s how they work.

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