December 8, 2021

New Limited Edition Investment: Infrastructure Spending Kit is excited to announce the launch of an all-new Limited Edition Investment Kit: the Infrastructure Spending Kit. Weighing in at $1.2 trillion, this is the biggest federal infrastructure spending in history, and you get to be a part of it. 

What are’s Limited Edition Investing Kits?

We’ve taken short-term investing a step further with our free-to-use Limited Edition Investing Kits.

The premise is simple: Our AI carefully curates portfolios stuffed with stocks that fit seasonal themes, each of which is only available for a short time. This provides our investors with a chance to capitalize on market movements and generate greater gains, all while mitigating risk with our AI. Once the season expires, any funds – and returns – will reallocate into your other portfolios based on your presets. 

Get in on infrastructure spending. 

1.2 trillion dollars. That’s the size of the federal government’s new infrastructure bill. It’s the largest federal investment ever in roads, bridges, public transit, clean energy, internet connectivity, and more. Those who invest in these companies will likely benefit from this infusion. 

Our Infrastructure Spending Kit is your solution to making ideal investments in this complex, multi-industry spending environment. We’ve identified which industries stand to receive the lion’s share of spending, including steel, enhanced broadband and internet connectivity, and an expanded electric vehicle infrastructure. Our AI eliminates guesswork and places your investment in the companies poised for growth. 

What’s different about this Kit?

The Infrastructure Spending Kit is the first of its kind to capitalize on what is poised to be an explosion in jobs, company growth and growth of nascent industries.

Industries such as clean water, broadband, public transit, clean energy, roads and bridges, are lining up to receive huge government contracts. 

The electric vehicle infrastructure industry, for example, will likely experience transformative growth as the government injects billions of dollars into expanding the nation’s EV charging grid. 

You don’t need the expensive tools of a hedge fund manager to realize this could be big. What you do need is the AI-driven power of to ensure your investment is as smart as possible. 

So why wait? Get invested.

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