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The Q.ai Team
December 8, 2021

About Q.ai's Inflation Kit

About Q.ai's Inflation Kit

Inflation refers to the increasing prices of consumer goods and services over time, which leads to decreased purchasing power. And it’s happening right now all around us. 

According to reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual inflation rate has been hitting the highest levels in decades, as measured by the consumer price index. While many central banks aim to keep the inflation rate around two to four percent each year, it accelerated to 9.1% in June 2022, the highest number since November of 1981.

While the Federal Reserve puts forth efforts to thwart inflation, stay ahead of the game with Q.ai’s Inflation Protection Kit.

Protect your portfolio from inflation

If your portfolio is heavy in traditional stocks, consider diversifying with the Inflation Protection Kit. Inflation Protection gives you a defensive bunker against the inflating dollar, providing you with a smart response to the possible devaluation of cash.

Grab a bit of inflation protection, and make the smart inflation-defense choice for your portfolio.

Benefit from smart hedging techniques

The Inflation Kit is designed to hedge against inflation risks while gaining in value.

Inflation Protection dynamically allocates within a universe of assets that are expected to preserve value and appreciate with continued inflationary pressure. All the securities within Inflation Protection are ETFs.

Within Inflation Protection, our AI-powered model shifts its holdings between Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) as well as precious metals and a basket of commodities. This Kit also includes additional exposure to oil futures and agricultural commodities if there are favorable expectations for these categories.  

Bottom line

With the low-risk Inflation Kit, you don’t have to worry as much about the devaluation of the dollar. 

This Kit helps you add inflation protection to your portfolio with a mix of safe assets that are expected to maintain value and appreciate with continued inflation.

Plus, Q.ai eliminates the guesswork associated with picking the right assets to fight off inflationary pressures. We do the legwork in protecting your gains and minimizing your losses for you by hedging against inflation while also providing strong risk-adjusted returns.

Add the Inflation Kit to your investment portfolio in Q.ai.

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