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The Q.ai Team
December 19, 2022

How Trades Are Executed

How Trades Are Executed

Gone are the days of stock picking based on the news headlines or making emotionally-charged money moves every time the markets take a turn. Powered by sophisticated, deep-learning AI, Q.ai makes trades on your behalf. The algorithms aren’t so simple—but investing in stocks and ETFs with the app totally is.

While our award-winning investing strategies, which we call Investment Kits, are inspired by the ideas from our team, our advanced AI identifies investment opportunities and crunches the numbers. Once our team decides how to structure a Kit and define its features of each Kit—and our quant team gets to work building it—our AI takes over. In short: It learns the history of each security in each Kit (and the external factors that impact their prices), and it makes weekly investment decisions based on that knowledge. For you.

Of course, our AI behaves differently for each Kit since each Kit is exposed to different securities and their specific features. So you don’t need to manage your Kits, let alone your overall portfolio (unless you want to, because the DIY Portfolio gives you the option to manage the allocation of your funds).

How the trades are executed is a little more nuanced than that. Each weekend, we run an internal workflow for our Kits. Essentially, this generates the updated portfolios and saves them on the cloud. On Mondays, we go through each of our users, see which Kits they have active and do a rebalancing process for them. This process can involve both selling and buying securities. We do this until the amount of dollars invested in each security corresponds to the correct fraction of the total amount in the Kit according to the portfolio weights. 

The rebalancing process—including all of the selling and buying orders—are managed by AI and processed through Apex, our brokerage partner.

This means that all you have to do is fund your account with as little as $100, and pick the Investment Kit(s) that interest you most. Some are riskier than others, and they all have different investment minimums to offer something for everyone.

Learn more about how Investment Kits work and how Q.ai uses AI to invest your funds.

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