How Investment Kits Invest Your Money

Q.ai is the first fintech company of its kind to successfully leverage artificial intelligence and take on the $25+ trillion fund-management industry. Without a wealth of experience or access to coveted resources, modern investors have long been relegated to underperforming strategies and vanilla robo-advisors that lack transparency.

That’s why we’ve been on a mission to power a personal wealth movement that drives true financial freedom and wealth equality for everyone. Q.ai takes the pain out of money management. And we do that by offering AI-powered investment strategies Investment Kits.

Investment Kits are made up of a group of stocks, bonds, ETFs and other investment vehicles. They allow retail investors who neither have the resources nor necessarily the know-how to make more strategic money moves. So you can expend your energy on the goals for which you’re investing in the first place—whatever your ideal financial future looks like.

What Are Investment Kits?

Our Investment Kits offer simple one-click investing powered by high-octane AI that works to reduce risk and maximize returns. Investment Kits may consist of anywhere between five and 50 different securities. Each Investment Kit is rebalanced weekly for maximum efficacy.

We’ve grouped Investment Kits into three main categories — Foundation Kits, Limited Edition Kits, Speciality Kits, and Community Kits.

What Are Foundation Kits?

Our Foundation Investment Kits offer users portfolio management techniques that typically require extensive – and ongoing – research and an abundance of upfront knowledge. Our Foundation Kits serve as the foundation for your investment portfolio. We offer three different paths for users to choose from: an emphasis on tech, a focus on value or a multi-asset allocation that follows global microtrends.

All Foundation Kits are backed with an optional “Portfolio Protection” feature. Portfolio Protection doesn’t cost anything extra, but it can protect users’ investments. Using AI and human insight, Portfolio Protection anticipates an underperformance in markets and adjusts users’ portfolios accordingly. For example, if the market appears to be declining, Portfolio Protection may kick in, stabilizing their investments with more cash positions and offering hedging assets that will appreciate in a market downturn, offsetting losses.

What Are Limited Edition Kits?

At Q.ai, we productized the basket trade experience that many high net-worth individuals experience when having their monies managed by elite investors. This is a first-of-its-kind product that offers users access to short-term, themed trades that tap into AI-predicted trends.

Enter: Limited Edition Kits. The main difference between Limited Editions Investment Kits and Q.ai’s other Kits is that they’re tailored to specific themes or short-term investment plays, and eventually expire. So it’s important to get on them while they last.

What Are Specialty Kits?

Our Specialty Investment Kits allow investors to tap into popular themes, like clean technology, meme stocks and crypto. While they’re still highly-focused investments, Specialty Kits stick around – unlike Limited Edition Kits which are only available for a short period of time.

Capitalize on economic trends with Specialty Kits to  stay ahead of the growth curve. But don’t worry: Specialty Kits come with varied levels of risk to meet every investor’s tolerance.

What Are Community Kits?

Our Community Kits allow investors to leverage Q.ai's unique partnership with Forbes. Community Kits are created from crowdsourced feedback from the communities and channels, like Forbes, that only we have.

Our AI digs through our platforms to find what’s important to our users. And then it makes informed investment moves based on that coveted intel.

How Investment Kits Work

Each Kit starts with an idea—one that can come from anywhere and anyone on the team at Q.ai. Once we decide how that idea should be expressed in terms of both structure and assets, we define the features of that Kit.

Q.ai’s CIO, investment analysts and quant experts discuss all aspects of the Kit, and our quants get to work bringing that initial idea to fruition. And, once it’s built, there’s no more human intervention in asset selection or allocation. Our AI gets to work using the features of the securities over a multi-year history to “learn” and make weekly investment decisions. The AI behaves differently for each Kit because it’s exposed to specific securities and their features.

The result: a simplified investment experience in which AI manages your portfolio by trading stocks and ETFs on your behalf. It couldn’t be simpler to build wealth.

All you have to do is fund your account and pick your Investment Kits, many of which provide built-in Portfolio Protection and all of which offer automated asset allocation and adjustments amid market volatility. That’s all thanks to our super smart AI, too.

By offering all of this proprietary software for free, investors who otherwise wouldn’t meet the minimum requirements to invest with top hedge funds and portfolio managers now have the opportunity to grow their wealth with as little as $100 to start.

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