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November 17, 2021

New Limited Edition Investment: Holiday Shopping Kit is excited to announce the launch of an all-new Limited Edition Investment Kit: the Holiday Shopping Kit. It’s the season of giving and spending. Take advantage of the consumer craziness throughout the holiday season.

What are’s Limited Edition Investing Kits?

We’ve taken short-term investing a step further with our free-to-use Limited Edition Investing Kits.

The premise is simple: Our AI carefully curates portfolios stuffed with stocks that fit seasonal themes, each of which is only available for a short time. This provides our investors with a chance to capitalize on market movements and generate greater gains, all while mitigating risk with our AI. Once the season expires, any funds – and returns – will reallocate into your other portfolios based on your presets.

‘Tis the season to get invested.

’Tis the season to make smart investment decisions.’s new Holiday Shopping Kit seizes on the spendthrift frenzy of the holidays with a collection of diverse investments that make the most of consumer purchasing. We’ve determined where people are splurging and assembled a class of stocks, securities and other assets that will make you want to start rockin’ around the Christmas tree.

The 2021 holiday season is likely to see a surge in consumer spending due to COVID recovery, child tax credit payments and optimism regarding upcoming infrastructure investments. Macroeconomic factors aside, people just want to buy—jewelry, apparel, recreational equipment, and more. Due to these forces, the Holiday Shopping Kit includes selections of luxury and beauty companies, consumer electronics, video games, toys, and other popular retailers. Wrap all this up in an investment kit and, ho-ho-ho, you’ve got a holiday gift that keeps on giving.

What’s so different about this Kit?

Consumer purchases are ticking up in Q4 2021 with post-COVID economic recovery. And we anticipate several key categories will see growth, including:

  • Luxury and beauty
  • Athletics and outdoors
  • Consumer electronics and eCommerce
  • Video games and toys
  • General retail

These categories—and the companies within them—are subject to change over time. Our AI-based models review historical information, rank securities, predict weekly returns, and allocate funds accordingly.

As always, our AI allocation balances risk and reward across all Kits with weekly rebalancing.

So why wait Invest today.

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