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October 20, 2021

New Select Investment: Guilty Pleasures Kit is excited to announce the launch of an all-new Select Investment Kit: the Guilty Pleasures Kit. Now, you can pick your poison and invest in your vices of choice.

What are’s Limited-Edition Investing Kits?’s Select Investment Kits (like the other Precious Metals Kit) provide you with the opportunity to add specialized, alternative investment strategies to your portfolio without adding extra research and work for yourself.

Each Investment Kit has its own focus and risk level, so you can express your own investment preferences with an AI-backed strategy. And, best of all, every Kit is totally free to invest in!

Invest in your guilty pleasures.

Guilty pleasures are guilty because there’s something taboo about ’em—but you’re safe with’s Guilty Pleasures Kit. When you invest in guilty pleasures,’s deep learning algorithms work to reduce risk and maximize gains.

This Kit offers diversified exposure to top US companies in alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, gambling, and sex positivity. And the weekly rebalancing of the portfolio allows you to capitalize on uncertainty.

For example, perhaps the rising legalization of cannabis ultimately reduces alcohol consumption. Or maybe cannabis use could lead to more complimentary use of higher-end liquors. Perhaps increased gambling will coincide with an increase in sex products. But maybe the rise of mobile gaming will correlate with a drop in online dating platforms.

Whatever happens,’s AI identifies the top-performing vices of the moment and selects the best investments for you. Whether marijuana laws change or a new dating platform takes the helm, stay atop the trends.

Plus,’s artificial intelligence selects a group of securities that it expects to perform best, and rebalances on a weekly basis.

Let’s pull back the curtain.

The Guilty Pleasures Kit provides investors with diversified and optimized exposure to top US-listed companies in Alcohol, Tobacco, Cannabis, Gambling, and “Love.”


Wine connoisseur? Avid whiskey aficionado? Beer buff? Why not invest in alcohol? The Guilty Pleasures Kit explores investments in:

  • Brewers
  • Wine brands
  • Vineyards
  • Distillers


Tobacco is one of the most top-performing industries in the world. And, now you can tap into it. For example, invest in:

  • Top tobacco brands


Cannabis rules and regulations are ever changing, which means there is ever more room for opportunity. Capitalize on cannabis’ growth by investing in companies like:

  • Growers
  • Retailers
  • Property developers (REITs)
  • Cannabis-related products


You don’t need to gamble your gains to make the most of this space; now, you can invest in the gambling industry as a whole, which is far less risky. For example, invest in companies like:

  • Casinos
  • Online gambling platforms
  • Mobile wagering platforms (including fantasy sports and sports betting)


It’s no secret that sex sells. So get in on the action by investing in the sex and sexual wellness space. For example, invest in companies like:

  • Adult entertainment
  • Online dating platforms
  • Consumer product companies with safe sex products

So what are you waiting for? Get invested.

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