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The Q.ai Team
February 27, 2023

About Q.ai's Gold Rush Kit

About Q.ai's Gold Rush Kit

Gold. It’s been used as an investment asset as far back as the ancient Egyptians, and it still holds an important position on Wall Street in 2023.

With continued global uncertainty, the potential for a weakening U.S. dollar and increased demand in sustainable energy technology, gold could be about to have another moment in the spotlight.

This puts our new Gold Rush Kit in the box seat for potential gains. 

Here’s how this Kit could make your portfolio shine.

Take advantage of the scramble for gold assets with the Gold Rush Kit

Right now we’re seeing three key factors converging, creating an environment that could see the demand for gold pop off.

  • Gold has long been considered a “safety net” asset. It’s seen as a secure place to store wealth when markets get rocky, and we’ve seen plenty of that in recent times.
  • It’s also a popular hedge against a weakening U.S, dollar. When the Fed eventually starts to pull back on their rate hikes, we could start to see the dollar fall in value, pushing investors out of dollars and into gold.
  • We’re also seeing an increased demand for gold in sustainable energy technologies, with applications in tech like solar panels and hydrogen fuel cells.  

But the opportunities don't end there. The stock prices of gold mining companies are (obviously) heavily tied to the price of the yellow rock, and these companies are looking historically undervalued, with very strong cash flow.

Because these miners also generate a significant component of their cash from overseas, investors could also see currency gains if the U.S. dollar starts to come down.

We’re not talking “shiny object syndrome” here; this trend has many factors at play, making it hard for investors to ignore.

Especially if you have AI on your side.

Invest in gold miners

Gold Rush offers investors exposure to a range of gold-mining companies.

Every week our AI predicts the performance and volatility of these companies, and then it automatically rebalances the Kit in line with these predictions. Examples of some of the companies you might find in the Gold Rush Kit include:

  • Newmont Mining
  • Barrick Gold
  • Newcrest Mining
  • Franco-Nevada 
  • Anglogold Ashanti

Each week our AI looks at huge amounts of historical data, uses machine learning to rank the securities in the investment universe and then allocates your funds based on those rankings. Because this process is repeated every week, it means AI is always keeping a close eye on your portfolio.

Diversify and protect

Gold tends to hold up pretty well in volatile times, so it can be a great source of diversification in a portfolio. While gold mining companies definitely have some potential to grow, they’re also not likely to see crazy exponential returns like you might find in the tech or pharmaceutical sectors.

So while this Kit has the potential to add some attractive gains, it can also provide a layer of protection against the volatility we could continue to see in the stock market.

Bottom line

Want to invest in gold without keeping coins and bars stashed under your mattress? The Gold Rush Kit offers diversified exposure to gold miners, giving investors the potential to profit from a weakening U.S. dollar, increased demand from the sustainable energy sector and investors looking for safety.

This is a Limited Edition Kit. That means that when the market changes and the opportunity disappears, we’ll shut down the Kit and close out your positions for you. Get it while you can. 

Add the Gold Rush Kit to your investment portfolio in Q.ai

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