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The Q.ai Team
May 23, 2022

About Q.ai's Global Trends Investment Kit

About Q.ai's Global Trends Investment Kit

Q.ai has made it our mission to hack Wall Street and bring investors the best of the best—even if that means you don’t pay us a penny upfront. With the Global Trends Kit, we’ve accomplished our goal, as investors can get started with a deposit of $100 and absolutely zero fees.

Global Trends is an Investment Kit for investors seeking a multi-asset approach with a focus on global macro themes. 

About Global Trends

Global Trends is one of the Foundation Kits offered by Q.ai and managed by our in-house AI algorithms. This deep learning global macro strategy is designed to provide exposure to a wide variety of instruments via a multi-asset Investment Kit, such as:

  • Stocks and bonds
  • Emerging markets
  • Forex
  • Oil
  • Gold
  • VIX

The wide variety means increased diversification, which means decreased risk. And though our AI rebalances weekly to maintain this Kit’s conservative bent, we’re not just aiming for smaller downside—we’re seeking higher returns, too. That’s why Global Trends offers interest rate volatility, commodities volatility and currency volatility, all within our multi-asset exposure portfolio.

Global Trends identifies investments with positive outlooks for each category and then compares those selected assets against each other, seeking to improve risk-adjusted performance.

But for those investors who find that Global Trends isn’t quite conservative enough, our Portfolio Protection option allows you to protect all of your portfolios from the ravages of market volatility with the tap of a button. 

Invest in a variety of asset classes

The Global Trends Kit dives into ETFs for various asset classes, including equities (major U.S. small-, mid-cap and international); debt (both government and corporate); real estate; commodities; and currencies.

Of course, large-cap U.S. equity ETFs may include the largest companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc. But what’s uniquely interesting about this Kit is the positive investment opportunities across a diverse set of asset classes.

This means that, in any given week, Global Trends might seek more exposure to international equities and corporate debt. Conversely, in another week, it may focus more on smaller U.S. companies, government bonds and a basket of commodities. 

That’s because this Kit works to identify markets and baskets of specific companies it predicts will outperform that week.

By investing in such a wide mix of ETFs, you gain comprehensive exposure to the major asset classes of the global economy. Never mind that, each week, this Kit rebalances risk and reward between the various investments, irrespective of asset class.

Go global with your portfolio

We built the Global Trends Kit to provide users a diversified strategy with AI-powered rebalancing between asset classes.

With features such as weekly rebalancing and of course, our AI technology, we’ve designed Global Trends for the conservative investor who wants to see their portfolio grow on the global stage—without taking unnecessary risks.

Bottom line

If you’re an investor seeking risk-adjusted returns with a focus on global macros, then the low-risk Global Trends Kit might be just what you’re looking for. Global Trends offers you a multi-asset class strategy that delivers diversification across numerous holdings and geographies while still focusing on upside potential. 

And you don’t need more than $100 to get started.

Add the Global Trends Kit to your investment portfolio in Q.ai.

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