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August 3, 2021

All About's Global Trends Investment Kit

Global Trends is an Investment Kit for investors seeking a multi-asset approach with a focus on global macros. With features such as weekly rebalancing, interest rate volatility protection, and of course, our AI technology, we’ve designed Global Trends for the conservative investor who wants to see their portfolio grow on the global stage – without taking unnecessary risks. has made it our mission to Hack Wall Street and bring investors the best of the best – even if that means you don’t pay a penny upfront. And with Global Trends, we’ve accomplished our goal, as investors can get started with just $100 and absolutely no fees.

Introducing Global Trends

Global Trends is one of four core kits offered by and managed by our in-house artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm. Our deep-learning global macro strategy is designed to provide exposure to a wide variety of instruments via a multi-asset investment kit, such as:

  • Stocks and bonds
  • Emerging markets
  • Forex
  • Oil
  • Gold
  • VIX

And though our artificial intelligence algorithm rebalances weekly to maintain Global Trends’s conservative bent, we’re not just aiming for smaller downside – we’re seeking higher returns, too. That’s why Global Trends offers interest rate volatility, commodities volatility, and currency volatility, all within our multi-asset exposure portfolio.

What is Multi-Asset Investing?

Multi-asset investing is an investment strategy that parks your funds in multiple instruments at once. In other words, it’s another form of diversification.

But instead of limiting the spread of funds across sectors and market capitalizations, this portfolio also moves your money across asset classes and borders. By removing an otherwise limited scope of returns – and decreasing asset concentration – we’ve buffered your portfolio against market volatility while increasing your potential gains.

Try Global Trends for a Conservative – Yet Global – Strategy

If you’re an investor seeking risk-adjusted returns with a focus on global macros, then Global Trends might be just what you’re looking for. Our artificial intelligence-backed portfolio offers weekly rebalancing, a multi-asset investment strategy, and absolutely no fees to get started.

But for those investors who find that Global Trends isn’t quite conservative enough, our Downside Protection option allows you to protect all of your portfolios from the ravages of market volatility with the flick of a button. This hedging opportunity signals our AI to automatically minimize potential losses by selling off investments it predicts will drop in the upcoming week.

And while Downside Protection can cap your earning potential below market highs, it also protects your hard-earned funds from market lows – thereby preserving your capital in the long-run.

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