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How to Make the Most of Q.ai

How to Make the Most of Q.ai

Q.ai is everything you need to build wealth and achieve financial freedom, whatever that looks like to you. Perhaps it looks like a fancy new car for the next time you’re sitting in traffic or travel plans to Italy for all the pizza you can eat—or maybe you’re looking to start a family, pursue a higher education or retire.

We like to say that Q.ai is so much more than your typical robo-advisor because it’s powering a wealth movement. With AI-driven strategies that provide all people, regardless of their investing aptitude, the ability to grow their money, Q.ai isan easy-to-navigate platform that you can put in your pocket. Literally.

And you can make the most of all that Q.ai has to offer if you follow these three tips.

1. Diversify your portfolio

We call our AI-backed strategies Investment Kits, and we offer three different kinds of them to help you diversify your portfolio:

  1. Foundation Kits - Our original Investment Kits. They are rooted in broad categories to cater to  everyone from risk-averse to aggressive investors.
  2. Limited Edition Kits - Kits that are only available for a limited time. They follow short-term trends to allow you to capitalize on topical themes. 
  3. Specialty Kits - Specialty Kits are unique to ongoing, specialized strategies. With these Kits, you can invest in themes, from precious metals to clean tech and diversify your portfolio while tapping into niche spaces.
  4. Community Kits - Community Kits are socially focused Kits that we build based on crowdsourced feedback from our communities.

Each Kit, regardless of the type, is designed with modern investors in mind. Q.ai also leverages an extra layer of AI to then manage risk between the various Kits in which you invest—because, yes, you can invest in more than one. And you should, as it’s a surefire way to make the most of Q.ai.

Q.ai uses AI to not only allocate assets within each Kit, but also to diagnose each Kit’s specific riskiness and how correlated it is with other Kits within your portfolio. With AI allocation, Q.ai works to balance your investments and better manage the inevitable risks tied to them.

2. Switch on Portfolio Protection

Q.ai’s Portfolio Protection feature is available for all Foundation Kits. It uses AI predictions to adjust allocations to risks in advance of potential downswings. 

Portfolio Protection considers major factors, such as market risk, interest rate risk, oil price risk and volatility risk. First, it evaluates the historical sensitivity of your holdings to these factors  to protect investments and make more precise adjustments. With predictions from multiple neural networks, our AI is able to forecast changes in the aforementioned factors and add hedges to offset anticipated negative impacts. 

In other words, Portfolio Protection helps shield your investments from losses.

While Portfolio Protection could mean that you minimize potential gains, it also means that you can automatically protect your investments if and when the markets go awry.

3. Let it be

Remember what we said about patience? When you give things time, you might even get a little extra.

There’s no need to frequently tweak your investments after you fund your account. (You don’t need to, anyway, since Q.ai will do the legwork for you.) The best way to make more money from investing is by committing to it for the long haul. Over time, your money has the potential to make more money by increased capital and compounding interest

The longer you leave your investments, the more time your money has to grow and overcome any losses you may incur along the way. 

Q.ai is the trade name of Quantalytics Holdings, LLC. Q.ai, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quantalytics Holdings, LLC ("Quantalytics"). Quantalytics offers automated financial advice tools through Quantalytics Investment Advisors, LLC ("QAI"), an SEC-registered investment advisor. QIA’s investment advisory services are ONLY available only to residents of the United States. Disclosures concerning QIA’s investment advisory services are available on its Form ADV filed with the SEC. The content in this newsletter is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a comprehensive description of Q.ai's investment advisory services.

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