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About Q.ai’s Foundation Investment Kits

About Q.ai’s Foundation Investment Kits

Investing shouldn’t be hard—and it doesn’t have to be. That’s why Q.ai has simplified investing for everyone. 

How have we achieved the seemingly impossible? We took the tools used by hedge fund managers and Wall Street veterans and made them accessible to everyone. We packaged this into our Investment Kits, pre-built investment strategies that are carefully curated by our team of experienced investment analysts.

Each Investment Kit follows a specific theme or industry, such as technology stocks and ETFs, crypto, clean energy and the global microchip shortage. Our library of Kits are divided between four categories:

  • Foundation
  • Limited Edition
  • Specialty
  • Community

Our Foundation Investment Kits are the best-known and most-used Kits in the Q.ai collection. They’re what we consider to be our  foundational Kits. We’ll explain. 

Foundation Kits focus on groups of investments predicted to grow

From tech to global trends, our Foundation Investment Kits focus on a variety of industries and levels of risk. For example, investors interested in investing in companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and Tesla may select the Emerging Tech Kit. Within the Emerging Tech Kit, the algorithm hones in on bleeding-edge technology sector companies with the potential for aggressive growth. That is why the Emerging Tech Kit is suitable for investors with a high risk tolerance.

To balance the risk of going long on tech innovation, an investor may also wish to place some funds into the Global Trends Kit, which displays wide diversification across a variety of asset classes, including U.S. and global equities, bonds and commodities. 

Foundation Kits are created with the following five characteristics:

  1. Always available to invest; no expiration date
  2. High-, low- and mid-level risk tolerance levels
  3. Algorithmic prediction, selection and analysis coupled with human insight and curation
  4. Adjusted on a weekly basis, automatically responding to market trends, economic forces and current events
  5. Kits can be paired with Portfolio Protection, Q.ai’s trademark tool for defending against market volatility

All Foundation Kits are entirely free to invest in

While many investors pay exorbitant fees to their advisors or traders, Q.ai provides unlimited investing with zero fees, making you all that much richer. What you save and what you gain is what you keep. 

The primary value of Foundation Kits is that it relieves you, the investor, of the burden of research and analysis. Whether you are a seasoned investor or new to wealth building is irrelevant. Q.ai’s Foundation Kits are created by our team of quantitative analysts and managed around the clock by our pattern recognizing AI.

Few people have the time, training or resources to keep up on Forex trends, analyze best investments in the energy sector or pick from the highest-yield ETFs, let alone know how to diversify those investments.

Q.ai does it all for you. 

Choosing to invest in Foundation Kits is ideal for any investment amount, risk level and investor profile. 

The strategy behind Foundation Kits 

This is how we create Foundation Kits. 

  1. Our team of experts analyze the market to develop an investing theme, such as large-cap stocks
  2. The team then sets up the machine learning parameters and readies the AI to deploy its analysis across the market in order to look for opportunities
  3. The AI goes to work, allocating specific percentages to each asset. These allocations are rebalanced weekly

On a detailed level, the picture is a bit more complex. But the result is the same—a selection of assets, ready for your investment.

Start investing in Foundation Kits now

Q.ai’s Foundation Kits are the ideal investment opportunity, because they allow you to maximize your returns, mitigate your risks and save you time. What more could you ask from your portfolio? It also allows you to:

  • Customize your portfolio according to your personal and unique risk level
  • Choose investment themes from the Foundation Kit list that appeal to you
  • Identify exactly how much you want to invest
  • Watch your investment portfolio as it grows over time

Think of Q.ai’s Foundation Kits as your own team of experienced investment professionals, hard at work to protect and grow your money. 

To invest in Foundation Kits, all it takes is a single tap.

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