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The Q.ai Team
June 17, 2022

About the Forbes Kit

About the Forbes Kit

Get access to data-backed investment selections that only Q.ai gets thanks to our relationship with Forbes.

Enter, the Community Kit you never knew you needed: the Forbes Kit.

Leverage Forbes-sourced investment data with the Forbes Kit

Our relationship with Forbes grants Q.ai access to archives, breaking news, article popularity and intel on the companies that are sizzling hot.

With the Forbes Kit, we’ve tapped into a strategy that analyzes and distills vast amounts of information into data-backed investment selections. And, because we’re a Forbes-backed company, we’re the only investment platform out there that provides you with this epic opportunity.

Interpret news stories into investment opportunities

There are several different ways that we use the Forbes data to strategize investment moves. One way we do it is by incorporating the information we source from Forbes with our existing models to improve the accuracy of our AI’s predictions. 

Using sentiment analysis and a bit of algorithmic magic, our AI curates a list of companies that possess positive coverage and up-to-date popularity ratings each week. After the initial screen of the top companies on Forbes, we use an AI-powered model to balance risk and reward to select appropriate investments and allocate capital. 

In other words: We apply AI to interpret news stories into investment opportunities. Not even the top hedge funds have this level of analysis but, with the Forbes Kit, it’s all yours.

Benefit from exclusive techniques

Q.ai is already democratizing investing by distributing previously exclusive techniques. With the Kit, we’re taking that mission a step further.

We work hard to interpret Forbes’ news stories and make investment decisions that align, so you don’t have to lift a finger when it comes to investing your funds. Tap into of-the-moment U.S. and international stocks and ETFs you don’t want to miss with the Forbes Kit.

Bottom line

With the Forbes Kit, we leverage our unique partnership with Forbes. This means that the Kit incorporates Forbes's archives and sentiment analysis to which no other investment platform has access.

With that, we can select the most newsworthy stocks and make smart investment decisions for your portfolio.

Add the Forbes Kit to your investment portfolio in Q.ai.

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