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About the Emerging Tech Kit

About the Emerging Tech Kit

Q.ai users are spoiled for choice of Kits from which to choose—and you don’t have to pick just one. You can swap strategies or combine them, including our Emerging Tech Kit. 

While you can’t go wrong when choosing a Kit with Q.ai, the Emerging Tech Kit is particularly interesting for investors intrigued by innovations in the tech space. 

About Emerging Tech

With the Emerging Tech Kit, which is one of our Foundation Kits, our AI identifies leading technology ETFs and stocks to provide a balance of diversified investments across the technology industry and capture upside from high-conviction investments from our AI-powered model.

This is all so you can stay ahead of the market on next-generation, cutting-edge tech companies.

The Emerging Tech Kit invests in tech companies in a variety of categories or verticals. Within each vertical, the Kit works to find the best investments to use each week and weights them accordingly. These verticals include:

  • Tech ETFs to capture broader technology trends with diversified holdings
  • Stocks of leading technology companies
  • Stocks from new tech companies
  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum (via public trusts)

Like all of Q.ai’s Investment Kits, Emerging Tech rebalances weekly to make the most of these tech verticals. But, because this is a Foundation Kit, you can always switch on Portfolio Protection to help protect your gains, too.

Invest in companies like Apple and Microsoft

This Kit targets tech companies. Within each category, our AI-powered model looks for the best options for you each week. From there, the Kit balances between the verticals for optimal risk and reward.

While the Kit does invest in big names you’ll certainly recognize, you can also tap into investing opportunities with the up-and-coming tech companies gaining steam in the industry.

The Kit compares companies like Microsoft to peers like Apple and Amazon instead of more speculative, newer technology investments. And it compares those newer tech companies with other ones on the same playing field. Basically, emerging Tech helps you to invest across the technology landscape with a combination of diversification and timely security selection.

Stay apace with emerging tech

We created the Emerging Tech Kit to give users an opportunity to capitalize on the latest and greatest trends in tech—an industry that’s rapidly growing.

Diversifying your portfolio with higher-risk investments—from the big wigs to the trailblazers—in the Emerging Tech Kit can provide upside potential from top AI picks within this theme. 

Bottom line

Remember that the Emerging Tech Kit is a high-risk Kit. This means that you should have a stronger tolerance for risk if you plan to allocate a big chunk of your funds here.

As always, diversifying with a mix of high- and low-risk investments can help protect your portfolio. Q.ai offers a gamut of other Kits to explore that can help offset the risk tied to your tech investments.

Add the Emerging Tech Kit to your investment portfolio in Q.ai.

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