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October 12, 2021

What Is Downside Protection?

We’ve done it again. 

Pulled out all the stops. Burned the midnight oil. Crunched the numbers. Drank the coffee. 

It’s called Downside Protection, and it’s the secret to an unflinching portfolio—greater financial security, better risk protection, smarter AI and more sophisticated hedging strategies than ever before.

Downside Protection is’s proprietary AI-powered technology that makes our investing app wildly different from all the rest.

Whereas other investing apps make claims to protect your investments, actually does so using a strategy that most consumer investors didn’t even know existed. Before’s Downside Protection, hedging strategies were often exclusive to hedge funds and their investors. 

Now, it is available to everyone who invests with

Downside Protection has been a fixture of since the beginning, but we just released a new version that makes it better than ever.

Here’s the skinny. 

Downside Protection Explained 

Downside Protection guards your investments against losses if market conditions change.’s Downside Protection employs an AI-powered risk detection system that not only responds to risk, but predicts risk in the market.

When the AI identifies risk factors, it responds to these factors by reciprocally implementing a series of hedging strategies. 

These hedging strategies may include reducing investment in a given asset and placing more into cash, or placing a higher amount into a hedging asset that can offset losses related to a specific risk.

In some cases, with Downside Protection, your gains may be slightly less, but you can potentially retain more of your investment. 

Downside Protection for Your Peace of Mind

As Warren Buffet famously said, “The first rule of an investment is don't lose money. And the second rule of an investment is don't forget the first rule.”

Downside Protection is one way you can try to avoid losing money.

You may not be Warren Buffet, but you act like it with Downside Protection.

For too long, hedging was the mystical domain of high-net-worth investors. (There is a reason they called them hedge fund managers.)

Now, you have access to the same elite strategies of the hedge funds, thanks to our AI. 

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