3 Common Q.ai Signup Questions

New to Q.ai? Welcome. We’re glad to have you and are excited to help you along your journey to financial freedom—whatever that looks like to you.\n\nChange is a big deal. And taking the step to invest in your financial future is a huge deal. The good news is that you’ve already done the hard work: You set some goals for yourself and made the decision to get started investing to achieve them. That’s where we come in.\n\nQ.ai leverages advanced artificial intelligence to help you invest like they do on Wall Street—without all the industry know-how or time-consuming stock research. Our AI does the digging for you, so you can quite literally “set it and forget it.” But, of course, we have options for anyone who wants to be a little more invested in their investments, too.\n\nIn short: Q.ai can do a lot for you. \n\nNot sure where to get started? Take a look at three of the most common questions we get from other new users just like you. If you still have other questions, head over to our Help Center where you can find a whole host of resources. \n\n3 common Q.ai signup questions\n------------------------------\n\n### 1\. Is Q.ai for me?\n\nQ.ai is an app for every level investor, regardless of how much background you have (or don’t have) with financial wealth building. We’re on a mission to democratize wealth management so that everyday investors have access to the same tools that Wall Street pros use all the time. There’s something for everyone—whether you’re a more passive or more active investor.\n\nFor passive investors, Q.ai’s AI Portfolio is ideal. This portfolio leverages AI to determine the holdings and allocation of your funds within your selected Investment Kits. Our AI also rebalances those holdings and funds every month to optimize your potential for returns while aiming to balance risk. For active investors, however, the DIY Portfolio may be more enticing. This Kit allows you to select how much you want invested in each Kit and manipulate the amounts yourself. But our AI still works to determine which holdings are in your Investment Kits of choice.\n\nIf you find yourself a little more risk averse, our Portfolio Protection feature is an attractive benefit that helps to protect your gains and minimize your losses. This feature looks at your Kits’ riskiness—as well as how well they pair with each other—and, in response to predicted risk factors, adjusts your funds accordingly.\n\nIn other words: Q.ai is for everyone. That said, at this time, it’s only available to U.S. citizens, residents (active visa holders) and green card holders. \n\n### 2\. How easy is it to set up my account?\n\nSetting up your account with Q.ai is super simple. After you download the app and sign up to create an account (with your email and a new password), we’ll ask you to complete a quick questionnaire. This is your application, which will be sent to our brokerage partner, Apex Clearing, for approval. It’ll take just one to two business days, unless we need more information.\n\nOnce your account has been approved, you can get started investing by making your first deposit.\n\n### 3\. How can I make deposits?\n\nDepositing money means moving funds from your bank account to your Q.ai account. Of course, first you’ll need to connect a bank account from which you want to pull the funds. We use Plaid, a financial services company that powers fintech and digital finance products, to make this transfer safe and secure. \n\nJust head over to your Account Settings in the upper left corner of your dashboard, select Bank Account and tap Connect Bank Account. From there, you can simply follow Plaid’s on-screen instructions to hook up your bank. Please note that the bank account linking might be immediate, but it could also take 3 to 5 business days if we need more information.\n\nOnce your bank account is set up, you can make deposits. To make a deposit, all you have to do is tap Add Funds Type in the amount you want to deposit and select the AI, DIY or Cash Portfolio. Keep in mind that you’ll need to deposit a minimum of $100, but keep in mind that different Kits have different individual minimums. Your AI and DIY Portfolios also have different minimums that you need to meet. You can learn more about investment minimums here.\n\n### The bottom line\n\nFor more resources to help you get started with Q.ai, check out our Help Center. There, you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, as well as details about the company.\n\nTo learn more about investing in general, as well as about our individual Investment Kits, head over to our Learn Center. There, you’ll find an investing glossary to learn more investing terms, as well as Qbits, which are our breakdowns of investment terms to help you become a more informed investor. You’ll also find posts about our product on the Learn Center.

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