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The Q.ai Team
August 24, 2022

What’s the Difference Between Your AI and DIY Portfolios?

What’s the Difference Between Your AI and DIY Portfolios?

Once you’ve created an account with Q.ai, you’ve already done the hard part: Deciding that it’s time to take control of your financial future, and spending just a few moments downloading the app and creating an account to do it.

Creating an account involves funding it from a linked bank account, and choosing an Investment Kit—or a few—in which to put those funds. You just need to make sure you invest the minimum amount, which varies for each Kit. 

You might notice on your performance dashboard, however, that you can choose Investment Kits for two different types of portfolios: your AI Portfolio and your DIY Portfolio.

Let’s unpack the differences.

DIY Portfolio

Your DIY Portfolio is listed in orange at the bottom of your performance dashboard under “Your Portfolios.” When you tap it, you’ll find the Kits that you have listed in your DIY Portfolio, as well as any money that’s sitting in your Cash Reserve.

You can add funds to this portfolio by tapping “Deposit.” Any money that you add will be invested in the next trading window. 

You can also edit the portfolio manually by clicking “Edit Portfolio.” From here, you can add Investment Kits and manually type in the percentage of your funds in this portfolio that you want to be added to each. Our AI handles the holdings within each Kit for you, but you handle how much money you want to allocate to each Kit.

For example, you may have 30%of your funds invested in the Value Vault, 20% in Smarter Beta, 20% in Inflation Protection, 10% in Bitcoin Breakout, 10 percent in Tech Rally,  and 10% in Guilty Pleasures. Each week our AI-powered models refresh the holdings in each Kit, but DIY Portfolio will never adjust the percentage breakdown of the Kits that make up your DIY Portfolio.

You always have the option to adjust those allocations whenever you want.

AI Portfolio

Your AI Portfolio is listed in blue, also on your performance dashboard. Like your DIY Portfolio, you can deposit funds into the AI Portfolio from your bank account or from other holdings on the Q.ai app. You can also edit your portfolio by adding or removing Kits. 

Unlike your DIY Portfolio, however, you cannot manually adjust the allocation of funds invested in each Kit. Instead, our AI does the legwork for you, automatically rebalancing between the Kits within your portfolio every week. So rather than just optimizing for risk reduction within each Kit, the AI Portfolio optimizes for risk reduction amongst them altogether, too.

The AI Portfolio considers the changing holdings within each Kit and the interactions between Kits to limit downside and improve risk-adjusted return potential.

For added protection of either portfolio, you can also toggle on Portfolio Protection. Portfolio Protection looks out for major factors like market risk, interest rate risk, oil price risk and volatility risk—and it implements hedging strategies to offset anticipated risk accordingly. 

With Portfolio Protection for both DIY and AI Portfolios, sometimes our AI will move some of your money to cash or add hedging assets to protect it. That’s why you’ll also see a Cash Reserve in both portfolios (not to be confused with your Cash Portfolio, which essentially functions like a money market account).

Learn more about how Q.ai uses AI to invest your money and how Investment Kits actually work.

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