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The Q.ai Team
December 8, 2021

About Q.ai's Active Indexer Kit

About Q.ai's Active Indexer Kit

Whether you’re the world’s greatest genius about ETFs or have no clue what the acronym even stands for, don’t worry. ETFs, Exchange Traded Funds, are for everyone. And that’s why we created a Kit that focuses on them: The Active Indexer Kit.

Here’s the skinny. This Kit is a super simple investment package that stays in sync with U.S. stock market growth by holding a set of ETFs covering a broad and diverse set of U.S. companies. This means you get all the joys of investing, minus the rollercoaster experience.

About Active Indexer

The Active Indexer Kit offers you a mix of major U.S. equity ETFs and auto-rebalances that exposure with large cap and mid/small cap ETFs, as well as two tech ETFs. This selection of ETFs allows for the Kit to adjust large cap vs. small cap weightings and to toggle exposure to technology companies.

Never mind that, with the integration of AI and weekly rebalancing, Active Indexer ensures that you are appropriately positioned at all times. To put it as simple as the Kit itself: It’s all about risk protection and straightforward investing smarts.

Plus, because Active Indexer is a Foundation Kit, you can also use Portfolio Protection to help minimize risk even more—but only if you so choose.

Invest in companies like Berkshire Hathaway and Tesla

Nearly every balanced (and successful) portfolio contains a melange of ETFs, providing stability and diversification. And the idea behind the Active Indexer Kit is to provide you that built-in diversification with ETFs that keep your risk low without losing sight of your growth goals.

In fact, we designed the Active Indexer Kit around those three investment principles: diversification, growth and security. That’s why you’ll find ETFs like the iShares Russell 1000 ETF and the Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund in this Kit to combine exposure to the top U.S.-listed companies and additional emphasis on tech. These ETFs include companies you likely know, such as UnitedHealth Group and Alphabet, and Visa and Cisco, respectively.

Gain simplified but broad exposure with Active Indexer

By investing in this ETF-focused Kit, you’re making an intelligent and wealth-driven decision. That’s because, ultimately, it provides you with exposure to the broad market—balancing risk and return—without all the complexity that typically comes with gaining such broad exposure.

We created the Active Indexer because, based on the feedback we received from our users, we wanted to provide a more approachable, simplified Foundation Kit. A more “vanilla” ETF Kit, if you will. The kind of Kit for everyone.

While this Kit still uses AI for optimization, the universe is confined to US equities, unlike the variety of assets in the ETFs for Global Trends. It’s also more approachable than other Kits we have on offer.

It’s everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Bottom line

If you’re looking for a set-it-and-sit-back approach to investing, the Active Indexer Kit should be on your radar.

ETFs have built-in diversification, are wide-ranging in their characteristics and contain thousands of assets that keep you rocking with a diversified portfolio. And this Kit allows you to tap into all of that good stuff.

Just remember that the Active Indexer Kit is a low-risk one, so if you’re looking to invest a little more aggressively, you’ll want to explore other Kits, too.

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