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What Is an Investment Kit?

An Investment Kit is a group of stocks, bonds, ETFs and a wide range of other assets designed to maximize returns and reduce risk.

Investment Kits, explained

Investment Kits can consist of many different securities.. When you buy into an investment Kit, you own shares of stocks, ETFs and other investments.’s Investment Kits focus on specific investment themes in the stock market such as energy, cutting-edge technology or global investments.

We’ve grouped Investment Kits into four collections — Foundation, Limited Edition, Specialty and Community Kits.

For example, one of’s Foundation Kits is the Global Trends Kit. The Global Trends Kit provides a diversified array of assets that include International Stocks, Forex and commodities. This is considered a low-risk investment suitable for the long term. 

All Foundation Kits are backed with an optional Portfolio Protection feature. Portfolio Protection doesn’t cost anything extra, but it can protect your investments. Using AI and human insight, Portfolio Protection anticipates market movements and adjusts users’ portfolios accordingly.

For example, as market volatility increases, Portfolio Protection automatically adjusts, stabilizing your investments with more cash positions and offering hedging assets that will appreciate in a market downturn, offsetting losses. also provides Kits of a more seasonal or temporary nature, which allow you to jump into an economic trend. Examples of such Kits include the Inflation Kit and the Infrastructure Spending Kit

We create all Investment Kits with human ingenuity and interaction combined with our AI, which combs through vast amounts of information to identify trends, predict market changes and measure sentiment. 

What this means for you

Investment Kits allow you to purchase a variety of stocks and ETFs without the need to possess thorough knowledge or spend your coveted time conducting research. 

If you have a particular interest in an investment category, you can easily buy into an Investment Kit.

While there is risk inherent in any investment,’s Investment Kits are, by their diversified nature, designed to withstand risk. 

Plus, discloses the risk level of each Kit, so you can make informed investment decisions based on your personal risk appetite. 

Take your investment journey to the next level and make smart investments with Investment Kits.

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Hands-free approach to investing

Our AI manages your money with commission-free, institutional-grade, AI-powered investment kits.