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What’s Included in the Infrastructure Industry?

The infrastructure industry is enormous (and growing.) It includes everything from roads and utilities to internet access – plus, all the companies that build and maintain these services. 

The infrastructure industry, explained

The infrastructure industry is big. 

No, we mean really, really big. 

Almost everything you see, touch or use daily is impacted by the infrastructure industry in some way. As a savvy investor, that leaves plenty of opportunity for profit – if you know where to look. 

What is infrastructure?

Infrastructure refers to the systems and services that a country needs to function. On a grand scale, that includes everything from transportation and communication to utilities and wastewater management. (Some also consider healthcare, education and emergency services under that umbrella. For our purposes, we won’t.) 

These assets and services are crucial to a country’s economic stability and overall functioning. Often, the physical frameworks are built and owned by the government, like roads and bridges. But others, like internet and telecom providers, are privately owned. 

Assets included in the infrastructure industry

The infrastructure industry is…vast. 

Broadly speaking, it involves companies and government organizations that participate in the development, expansion and maintenance of:

  • Transportation systems like roads, railways, waterways and airports
  • Mass transit systems like buses and subways
  • Energy production and distribution like oil fields, wind farms and power stations
  • Internet, landline and cellular connectivity such as cell towers and satellites
  • Clean water access, including dams, reservoirs and even sewers

Generally, these systems require large initial investments, and may be completely funded or heavily subsidized by the government. And as society and technology have evolved, infrastructure has grown more complex. (For instance, the inclusion of ISPs and battery producers in the industry.) 

How does the infrastructure industry affect you?

As an investor, the sheer size of the infrastructure industry provides plenty of opportunities for investment and profit. From stocks and bonds to infrastructure funds, you can put capital into almost every stage of the building and maintenance process. 

Examples of companies that may profit from infrastructure spending include::

  • Engineering and construction firms
  • Utilities and water treatment companies
  • Shipping and freight services
  • Oil, gas and even mineral developers and producers
  • Companies that provide construction materials like lumber, concrete and steel
  • Internet and telecom services, such as ISPs, fiber network manufacturers and cell tower owners
  • Airplane manufacturers and airline companies
  • Battery, fuel cell and EV manufacturers
  • And even environmental remediation companies

As you can see, this list isn’t small (and it’s nowhere near inclusive). 

What this means for you

The infrastructure industry is enormous – and complicated. As such, it’s easy to struggle with diversification and building a well-balanced portfolio. 

Or rather, it was. 

But with’s Infrastructure Spending Kit, you don’t have to worry about the fine details of infrastructure investing. Our Kit selects the best firms out there (particularly those that stand to benefit from last year’s $1.2 trillion spending package) to help investors seek the highest returns. 

And thanks to the dynamic nature of the Kit, it rebalances as market conditions shift, letting you capture the fine line between risk and reward.

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