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How to Become an Investment Banker

Investment banking is a lucrative field where even entry-level positions come with six-figure salaries. But rising to the top of the heap where the millionaires reside requires a potent combination of education, ambition, skill, and connections.

🤔 Understanding investment banking

Investment banks serve as the intermediaries between companies, the financial markets, and public and private investors. These institutions have a hand in making big-ticket financial prospects happen, including:

  • Helping companies go public
  • Facilitating mergers and acquisitions
  • Underwriting securities releases for corporations and municipalities

And while these contracts lumber their way through the regulatory system, bankers also provide advice, trade securities, and research the latest financial trends in their day-to-day.

The term “investment banker” can mean many things. For instance, an investment banker may stick with buying and selling securities for wealthy clients, or they may help those securities go public in the first place.

Other potential duties include:

  • Handling legal and regulatory compliance with agencies such as the SEC and FINRA
  • Working with entities to raise funds for expensive projects
  • Consulting with companies and individuals on the best opportunities to meet their goals
  • Running financial models and analyses to ensure that mergers, acquisitions, and IPOs benefit the parties involved

Moreover, many investment bankers don’t set their sights solely on domestic clients. In fact, many work internationally – leading to plenty of late-night phone calls and fluctuating schedules.

What this means for you

In the banking world, top-dollar pay requires top-dollar commitment to your firm.

As such, investment bankers often work long hours, sometimes netting 40-60 hours of overtime in a single week. This translates to 14-hour days, no weekends off, and the occasional late-night phone call in your few precious hours away from the office.

For those who desire a healthy work-life balance, this field isn’t for you – there is none. But if you seek financial security, powerful connections, and a hand in making the financial markets turn, investment banking provides all that and more.

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