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What Is APEX?

APEX Clearing is an SEC-registered broker-dealer and a member of both FINRA and SIPC. As’s brokerage partner, APEX provides essential custodial, settlement and delivery services for investors’ assets. 

APEX Clearing, explained

As an SEC-registered broker-dealer and clearing house, APEX’s role involves providing investment infrastructure to other brokerages. The firm manages backend operations like handling investor applications, ensuring proper insurance coverage and processing trades, as well as:

  • Custody of assets
  • Trade confirmation
  • Settlement
  • Securities delivery
  • And reporting

In other words, APEX is responsible for ensuring that money and assets end up in the proper accounts. And if the worst comes to it, APEX’s insurance protections mean that investors aren’t out their hard-earned money. 

Why trust APEX Clearing?

In 2022, APEX Clearing boasted over 689 million trades spanning 6 continents and 5 traditional asset classes. By years’ end, the clearing house claimed over $100 billion worth of assets under custody. 

APEX also provides essential investor protections like:

Compliance with federal regulations

APEX Clearing complies with all federal regulations to run a safe, legitimate operation. That includes requirements that broker-dealers hold customer and brokerage securities separately. This division of assets protects customers from credit claims in the unlikely event of insolvency.  

SIPC insurance

If a brokerage goes under, SIPC insurance safeguards customer securities and/or provides financial recompense. As a member SIPC, APEX Clearing insures each investor’s account up to $500,000, including up to $250,000 for cash claims. APEX has also arranged for coverage that exceeds SIPC limits.  

FDIC insurance

As a deposit broker, APEX Clearing protects investors’ cash holdings with FDIC insurance offered through its Bank Sweep Feature. Bank Sweep automatically places cash balances at FDIC-insured banks to protect your money. (FDIC insurance generally covers up to $250,000 per account holder, per insured bank.) 

APEX’s partnership with 

As a reputable, well-funded clearing house, APEX’s partnership with offers investors perks like:

Through these features, APEX keeps in a position to continually innovate ways for U.S. investors to access ever-changing investment markets.  

How does our partnership with APEX Clearing impact you?

As’s brokerage partner, APEX Clearing handles a lot of the technical, heavy lifting, like:

APEX permits trading financial instruments like equities, ETFs and mutual funds, options, futures and digital assets. Currently,’s partnership with APEX Clearing exposes investors to stocks and ETFs.

APEX also offers several account types, including individual and joint, retirement, custodial, trust and institutional accounts.

Our brokerage partner also takes extra steps to protect investors in their everyday transactions, such as a 10-day hold on all deposits to combat money laundering. 

What this means for you

As an investor, knowing that your securities are safe brings enormous peace of mind. And as part of the ecosystem, our partnership with APEX Clearing aims to do just that.  

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