Why Multi-Strategy Investing Is the Smart Way to Invest

by Team

Multi-strategy investing refers to investing in more than one strategy at once. Instead of just investing in one diversified portfolio, for example, you have a few. There’s a whole host of benefits to multi-strategy investing. And, now, with Invest , you can do it!

What are the benefits of multi-strategy investing?

When you invest in just one strategy, you limit the scope of your investment opportunities. It’s unlikely that a single strategy will consistently perform well, because the market is inevitably volatile. While there are certainly ways to weather the storms when you invest in a diversified strategy (in terms of assets), investing in more than one strategy means you can allocate capital away from underperforming strategies to those with more opportunities. By investing in more than one strategy at once, you shift and, therefore, reduce the risk of your overall investment. You also have the flexibility to capitalize on the best-performing strategy for any given market. Invest is the world’s first pocket-sized hedge fund. It’s a AI-powered robo-advisor that uses deep learning algorithms to manage your money for you. The app offers four strategies, and you have the ability to choose a multi-strategy investing option. Invest offers the Value Vault, the New Tech Economy, Diversify & Thrive, and the Tactician portfolios.

Value Vault

Our Value Vault is all about value investing with an AI twist. With our advanced deep learning, you can find the best value trades focused on alternative value metrics like economic value and EBIT/EV yields. This is the new school of value investing.  

The Value Vault has a moderate risk level. It’s focused on portfolio concentration, security selection, volatility and value underperformance

New Tech Economy

Our New Tech Economy strategy is all about tech. To FAANG or not to FAANG? Our AI algorithms analyze and identify the best tech stocks, ETFs  and cryptocurrencies, and then buy or sell them weekly on your behalf. Your gains could be higher, but so is the risk. It’s a new side hustle, without all the hustle.

The risk level is aggressive for this strategy, which is focused on higher volatility, big wins (but risks big losses), sector concentration, and sharp sector rotations.

Diversify & Thrive

Diversity & Thrive is our AI deep learning global macro strategy. You can gain exposure to stocks, bonds, emerging markets, forex, oil, gold, VIX. Start trading global market trends dynamically – Ray Dalio would be proud. 

The risk level is conservative for this strategy, which is focused on multi-asset exposure, interest-rate volatility, currency volatility and commodities volatility.

The Tactician

We built a strategy that navigates markets the way Tom Brady maneuvers the football field. Enter: The Tactician. You can trade the leading factor ETFs with AI and stop worrying about the next major market rotation. 

The risk level is moderate. This strategy is focused on sharp factor rotations and portfolio concentration, and you can only invest in four ETFs.

The Bottom Line on Multi-Strategy Investing

Investing in more than one of these strategies is smart. And, thanks to big demand from our users, the multi-strategy investing feature is now available on Invest! Yup, this means can invest in more than one strategy at once, or you can simply swap your current strategy for another. So you never have to worry about getting locked in. Just be sure to give each strategy enough time to perform; we do not recommend frequently switching strategies.

Download Invest and let AI manage your money with institutional-grade, AI-powered investment strategies – totally commission-free.